Sedum Seed Mix for Green Roofs and stony areas Specially formulated British Mix[1g - 1m sq] MX590

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This seed formulation contains a mixture of many important varieties of sedum plants that are suitable for roof gardens.

  • Specially formulated to suit the British climate.
  • Provides many different colours and interest through the seasons.
  • Varieties that can be found in this mix are:- Sedum selskianum 'Goldilocks' Sedum hybridum 'Czars Gold' Sedum pulchellum Sedum ellacombianum Sedum montanum ssp. orientale Sedum acre Sedum forsterianum ssp. elegans 'Silver Stone' Sedum album sedum acre 'Oktoberfest' Sedum sexangulare Sedum spurion 'Coccineum' Sedum floriferum Sedum reflexum.
  • It is best to mix the seed with sand or talcum in order to achieve an even spread.
  • Sow directly onto prepared ground.
  • Do not cover the seed with any soil but press into the soil gently.
  • Water either from below, or with a fine mist spray, so as not to wash the seeds away.
  • Do not let the seeds dry out but keep moist but not wet during germination.
  • There are approximately 16,000 seeds per gram. Larger quantities are available on request.
  • 1g is enough to cover 1 metre of ground.
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