Sedum Burrito Plant in a 10.5cm Pot x 1. Burros Tail. Donkey Tail Sedum

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sedum burrito 10.5

Sedum morganianum 'Burrito' is also known as the Donkey tail sedum or Burrow's tail. It's easy to understand why as this sedum dangles down almost like a donkey's tail! Very easy to care for, the plant has long, trailing stems and plump, densely packed foliage. It is not hardy and therefore needs to be treated as a house plant here in the UK.

  • Requires regular watering during the growing season.
  • Do not allow the plant to stand in water.
  • Moderate to high amount of light preferred.
  • Originally comes from Mexico and Honduras.
  • Sold in a 10.5cm pot.
  • Easy to propagate.
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