Sarracenia Catesbaie Carnivorous Plant in a 12cm Pot. Pitcher Plant

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sarracenia catesbaie 12

Sarracenia are carnivorous pitcher plants and this variety is called S. 'Catesbaie'.

  • A naturally occurring hybrid pitcher plant.
  • In the wild this is found in coastal plains regions from Virginia to South Carolina.
  • The 40cm tall, brick-red and yellow-veined pitchers are held upright.
  • When the pitchers fill with water, this is sweet and attracts flies and insects. These tend to fall into the pitcher and thus provide food for the plant.
  • In late spring before the new pitchers form, the growing can produce tall flower stalks which terminate in bizarre flying saucer-like brick-red flowers.
  • The plant is growing in a 12cm pot.
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