Sansevieria Straight succulent house plant in 14cm pot. 50cm tall.

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sansevieria straight

Sansevieria 'Straight' is a highly unusual and elegant house plant that has vertical, succulent stems. This architecturally pleasing form is considered to be ideal for modern and contemporary homes or those looking for something rather different.

  • Also known as a snake plant.
  • Succulent plants are very efficient at filtering the air. They also improve humidity levels within a home. This plant is part of the 'clean air' collection.
  • These plants also give out oxygen at night and they are therefore excellent bedroom companions.
  • These plants like moderate to bright light. Best to keep out of direct sunlight, however.
  • Water regularly but never allow the compost to remain soggy as this can lead to root-rot.
  • The plant can be fed using cactus feed or general-purpose liquid feed but do not feed more than once per month during the growing season.
  • Ultimate height 75-100cm.
  • This is a slow-growing plant.
  • Originates from regions of West Africa.
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