Sansevieria Laurentii Houseplant. 70cm tall. Mother in Laws Tongue

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sanseveria laurentii 19 70

Saneveria laurentii is an attractive house plant that is very easy to care for. The strong vertical form can make a great statement and it is often used for interior design. This plant enjoys a position that is out of direct sunlight. It has upright growth and a strong vertical, solid shape.

  • Likes to be slightly pot-bound as it has a shallow root system.
  • The thick foliage stores water.
  • The plant likes to be slightly dry. Water regularly but do not allow the compost to become soggy.
  • When kept in dark, gloomy spaces this plant will cope but the leaves will become slightly darker.
  • A great plant for filtering toxins from the air. It actually purifies the air.
  • Sold in a 19cm pot, the plant is approximately 70cm tall
  • Slow-growing.
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