Sambucus nigra porphyrophylla 'Black Lace' Elder Tree in 12 Litre pot

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Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace' is a charming elder tree or large shrub that can be expected to reach a height of up to 4 metres, if not pruned each year. It is a particularly ornamental elder, having distinctive, dark purple, finely cut leaves which resemble the Japanese maples.

  • The tree produces pale pink, lightly-scented blooms each year in May and June.
  • The flowers emerge from creamy-pink buds.
  • The foliage is deep purple or maroon.
  • Best leaf colour is achieved when the tree is planted in full sun.
  • Forms black berries in autumn. These are attractive to birds and they can also be used in wine making.
  • The foliage benefits from being cut back to ground level each year. 
  • Currently growing in a 12 litre pot.
  • The tree will be despatched directly from the grower.
  • Please note that the photo is a library listing and not the actual tree you will recieve.
  • The height of this young tree should be around 1metre.

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