Salix integra Hakuro-nishiki Half Standard Plant. 1.4m tall. Flamingo Willow

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Salix Hakuro-nishiki 140
Half standard plants approx 1.4M tall with 80cm stem.

The tips of the small foliage is strong pink throughout the spring and summer on a back drop of mottled green and white. The small garden tree itself is a bushy mop or lolly pop shape with branches that are pendulous at their tips and can either be grown in this way or pruned into a neater form. Flamingo Willow boasts yellow catkins that appear on bare orange/brown branches in late winter or early spring.

This Flamingo tree will grow to just 2.5 x 2.5 metres in 20 years, so is ideal for those with limited space. Salix Hakuro Nishiki looks especially nice planted next to water and prefers a damp site, although it can be grown in a pot if a watering regime is established.Hard prune in winter to neaten the shape and ensure a good flush of pink the following spring. A very useful and beautiful willow tree for use in even the smallest gardens.

These plants are pot grown and are quite happy in their pot for another year, but would then need planting into a larger pot or the garden

Prefer full sun and well drained soil

These plants are abit unusual so an ideal gift for a gardener

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