Rubber Plant Ficus elastica Belize House Plant. 40cm tall Rarely offered

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ficus elastica Belize 14

Ficus elastica 'Belize' is an unusual rubber plant with great style! Its green leaves feature a creamy pink margin which is highly unusual. New growth tends to have a pink tinge.

  • Easy to care for.
  • Rubber plants are highly effective air cleaners and purifiers.
  • The plant will grow large if the conditions are favourable. It can, however, be pruned to fit the desired size.
  • Water regularly but never allow the compost to feel soggy.
  • Don't let this plant stand in water as this can cause root-rot.
  • Needs a certain amount of light, as variegated leaf plants don't react well to low light levels.
  • Sold in a 14cm pot.
  • Currently around 40cm tall.
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