Pteris cretica albolineata fern in 13cm pot. RHS AGM

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Pteris cretica fern

The finger fern or white striped cretal brake.

Pteris cretica var. albolineata is a delightful fern which is also known as the finger fern or the white-striped Cretal brake. It has creamy white centres to each finger of evergreen foliage and it forms an attractive mound which will reach an ultimate height of up to 60cms, with a spread of up to 50cms.

• This fern likes to be positioned in shade or partial shade.

• It is hardy down to about minus 5 degrees C, so will need some winter protection.

• Can also be kept as a house plant.

• Likes moist but well-drained soil.

• Holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM)

• Sold growing in a 13cm pot.

Please note: this is one plant only.

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