Prunus persica 'Perzik' patio peach tree in 20cm pot

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Prunus Persika 20cm

This charming patio peach tree is Prunus persica 'Perzik' and it is ideal for a large pot situated on a sunny patio. Alternatively, it can be planted in the ground provided you choose a sheltered spot. These trees are hardy here in the UK, but only if they are planted in an appropriately sheltered position. They blossom in spring and if the flowers are pollinated they will provide edible, full-sized fruit in the summer.

  • Regular watering is the key to good, juicy, evenly-sized and shaped fruits.
  • Don't allow the roots to dry out - especially if planted in a pot.
  • If the tree is containerised, feed every two weeks or so during the growing season.
  • Thin out the fruit when it appears after spring blossom has finished.
  • Remove any small or mis-shapen fruits when they are very small. Aim to have just one fruit every 15cms along the branches.
  • Prune out older wood as the years go by because these fruit trees bear fruit on younger shoots.
  • Prune during summer, if required, in order to minimise disease.
  • Peaches can suffer from peach leaf curl, a fungal disease that is spread by rain. Covering the plants with some sort of shelter from rain from January to May will help to avoid this.
  • Sold in a 20cm pot
  • The tree currently measures approximately 110cm, including the pot.
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