Prunus nucipersica patio nectarine tree in 20cm pot

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Nectarine Tree 20cm

Prunus nucipersica is a patio nectarine tree that can be planted in a large pot or in the ground. These are hardy here in the Uk but will need a little help in the form of a shunny, sheltered spot. They like full sunshine and protection from wind.

  • These patio nectarines come into flower early in the spring and the blooms might need some sort of protection so that the flowers aren't spoilt by frost. If this happens, the fruit crop is likely to be lost.
  • Blooms are single, pink flowers, bourne in profusion under ideal conditions.
  • Tolerant of cold temperatures but they like a south-facing or west-facing position and sunshine.
  • Provide regular water but do not allow the roots to sit in water as this can cause root-rot.
  • The trees will produce full-sized fruit under ideal conditions.
  • Can produce fruit even when young. The fruits on these dwarf trees are red-skinned.
  • Can be trained into a fan-shape for placing against a wall, if you wish.
  • The tree measures approx 110cm including the pot
  • The pot is 20cm in diameter.
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