Pomme pidou

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The Pomme pidou collection of animals consists mainly, but not entirely, of moneyboxes. They are vibrant, eye-catching and collectable.

The figures are created by pouring ceramic into a uniquely-designed mould. But it is the colouring and patterning process that makes these creatures stand out from the crowd. All items are hand made, each being covered by a vibrant print in a process similar to decoupage. The prints are overlayed and some sheets are moved slightly to the right or the left, resulting in blurry and overlapping images that are all part of the charm. This means that every animal is different - you will never have a Pomme pidou creation that is exactly the same as another!

The authenticity of the item can be verified by checking the stopper cap which is stamped with the Pomme pidou name. Each animal also comes with a little passport around the neck. This states the name of the creature together with the Pomme pidou logo. A gift box is included with every Pomme pidou pet.

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