Plumeria rubra Hawaiian Ruby house plant in 17cm pot 75cm tall approx

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plumeria rubra

Plumeria rubra 'Hawaiian Ruby' is a fragrant frangipani that hails from Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela. It is also known as a pagoda tree. In the wild this is a deciduous perennial shrub and it can grow up to 8m tall. 

  • The flowers cluster together at the tips of the branches and the outside of the petals are reddish coloured. They emerge before the leaves in spring.
  • The leaves are a matt green, leathery texture. 
  • The fragrant flowering tree has been used to scent perfumery since the 16th century.
  • These exotic plants should be treated as a house plant in the UK. 
  • They like high light levels.
  • Need well-drained compost.
  • Feed during the growing season.
  • Plants are approximately 75cm tall including the pot.
  • Currently growing in a 17cm diameter pot.


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