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Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous Perennials

Perennial plants are those that die back to the ground in cold winter climates, but then sprout again from the base once the warmer weather comes. Herbaceous simply means that the stems are soft or succulent rather than brown and woody. Most herbaceous perennials are hardy and you can expect them to gradually increase in size year after year – this means you are able to split them up and plant separate clumps when they reach their desired size. Some plants are slightly tender and benefit from having their stems left intact when they die back during the winter. This provides a little protection against frost and snow. A herbaceous border is generally created from a range of herbaceous perennials. They can look amazing during spring, summer and autumn, but most plants die back in the winter. Some permanent structure such as hedges, evergreens or trees in the border is therefore beneficial.

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