Pomme Pidou Pippa the Chihuahua Money Box. Available in different colours

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Pippa the Pomme pidou moneybox. This little Chihuahua will guard your money in style. Choose the colour using the drop down menu.

Pomme pidou are moneybox pets that come in all sorts of colours!

This one is sweet little PIppa who is a cute Chihuahua dog wearing a collar with a bone shaped tag. Named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, did you know that these little dogs are said to make a fine guard dog? they are tiny in size but big on personality. Pippa will guard your money with great style!

She has a glossy, decoupage finish which makes every one unique. This is down to the creation process. The ceramic is poured into a mould and thereafter the animal is decorated with vibrant sheets of colourful designs. These are overlapped in a decoupage fashion and the sometimes distorted and blurring that occurs is all part of the animal's charm! No two Pomme pidou moneyboxes are the same, each one is slightly different. This Pomme pidou pet comes in several different colours. Be sure to select the colour you want from the dropdown menu above. Please note that the Pomme pidou moneybox that you purchase will probably be different in pattern to the one pictured as each one is unique!with a collar with a bone on it. Comes with a gift box.

Great as a gift for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays & Christenings

Dimensions h18.5 x w21 x d8.5cm

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