Pineapple house plant with variegated leaves in 15cm pot. Ananas comosus

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pineapple varie 15

A highly unusual pineapple plant with variegated leaves - bearing fruit!

Ananas comosus is a common pineapple which is grown commercially for its fruit. This variegated variety is far more ornamental variety and makes an interesting house plant which is known as a variegated pineapple.

  • It's difficult to get these plants to bear fruit, but it is possible.
  • The plant is grown for decoration and the fruit  has a bitter taste.
  • The sword-like leaves form a rosette and they can grow up to 90cm long.
  • The foliage is green with creamy yellow bands, sometimes including some red. 
  • The leaves also have spines and can be sharp.
  • A member of the Bromeliad family.
  • They collect rainwater in the top of the rosette of leaves.
  • Sold in a 15cm pot.
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