Pilea peperomioides house plant in 13cm pot. Chinese money plant

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pilea peperomoides

Pilea peperomioides is often called the Chinese money plant and it also goes under the name of a pancake or missionary plant. This charming house plant has slightly succulent stems and attractive leaves which are rounded, to abut 10cm in length. It does produce small pale green flowers which can be tinged with pink but it is grown mainly for the green foliage. It is also known as the 'pass it on' plant as many people who see it tend to want one!

  • Originates from the West Indies.
  • Likes to occupy a partially shaded position.
  • Happy positioned on a windowsill provided it is not situated in direct sunlight.
  • Likes moisture and high humidity.
  • Very easy to care for.
  • Water regularly but don't allow this plant to stand in water.
  • Ultimate height of plant will be up to 30cm.
  • Growing in a 13cm pot.
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