Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm Tree in a 21cm Pot RHS AGM 110cm tall

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phoenix roeb 110

Phoenix roebelenii is also known as a pygmy date palm and it can be treated as a house plant here in the UK. This charming dwarf palm has evergreen foliage and it is slow growing, so won't become out of hand.

  • Likes a bright position in indirect light rather than full sun.
  • Use well-draining,compost.
  • Water regularly but never allow the plant to sit in water.
  • This palm is not hardy, treat as a house plant in the UK.
  • It can eventually grow to a height and spread of up to 200cm.
  • Can sometimes produce panicles of small yellow flowers. These might be followed by small edible fruit. 
  • The plants are currently 110cm tall approx.
  • Growing in a 21cm pot
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