Philodendron Tortum palm-like house plant in 15cm pot

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philodendron tortum

Philodendron tortum is a highly unusual house plant that has intriguing leaves. Described as a spider-leaved aroid, the new leaves come out in a spiral fashion and its resulting appearance is therefore nothing like most Philodendrons. It looks more like a palm, with deep cut-outs. 

  • This houseplant grows well in medium light positions indoors.
  • In the wild, this is a plant that would live up in the rainforest canopy and its roots will be out in the open air, reaching all the way down to the ground. 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • It enjoys high humidity and this can be achieved by misting the foliage regularly.
  • Water little and often and never allow the roots to sit in soggy compost as this can lead to root-rot.
  • Growing an a 15cm pot .
  • The plant is approximately 50cm tall including the pot. 
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