Philodendron Fun Bun House Plant in a 13cm Pot x 1

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philodendron fun bun

Philodendron 'Fun Bun' is an unusual house plant which has exotic leaves. Not often seen, this will help to purify the air in an office or home. It is particularly good when placed near electrical equipment such as computers and printers as it filters the air and gives out oxygen during daylight hours.

The Philodendron hails from tropical rainforests in central and south America. It therefore will appreciate some misting of the leaves using water. The climbing species develops aerial roots but this particular plant takes on a shrub appearance. The name comes from the Greek 'phileo', meaning 'love'and 'Dendron', meaning 'tree'

  • This is a houseplant that likes some light but not direct sunlight. It will be happy in partial shade too.
  • It needs to be kept indoors in the winter, with temperatures not falling below about 13 degrees.
  • It will appreciate the occcasional misting with a water spray.
  • Keep the soil moist during the growth period, but avoid excess water.
  • The plant stands about 50cm tall in its 13cm pot.
  • Please note that these are young plants and are yet to form their large exotic looking leaves.

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