Pear (Pyrus) Obelisk Tree in a 12 Litre Pot - Quince A Root Stock - Bush

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A very special dwarf pear with an upright, columnar habit.

Ideal for small spaces and patio growing.

The fruits ripen in October are green with a slight flush, crunchy with a delicate taste.

Stores well into winter. Self fertile.(Slovakia)

Quince ‘C’ – Dwarf and slightly earlier into cropping

Quince ‘A’ – Semi Vigorous. The idea rootstock for bush trees

Pyro - dwarf – Vigorous. Specifically for Perry varieties but useful for all pears for a robust tree with early fruiting

Pyrus Communis – Very vigorous. More suitable for half standard and especially standard trees

Pyrus Kirchensaller – Very vigorous. A more uniform and productive selection of Pyrus communis

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