Peach (Prunus) Bellegarde Tree in a 7 Litre pot - Bush form - Rootstock St Julian A

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The fruit is very large, deep red skin striped with dark purple. Flesh is pale yellow, slightly red at the stone with rich, vinous and juicy flavours.

A two year tree. Grown in the field to the maiden stage followed by a final year as container grown. A minimum of 3 branches and summer pruned (according to variety) to form an evenly balanced shape with a clear stem of 0.45m. Minimum height 1.10m.


  • Protect from frost
  • Rootstock - St Julian A
  • Self fertile
  • Picking month - Late June

Rootstock explained:

  • VVA-1 – Semi Dwarf: Good fruit size, yield and winter hardiness
  • Torinel – Semi Dwarf: A specialist rootstock for improved fruiting yield and fruit size
  • Krymsk - Medium: Compatible with apricots, peaches and nectarines. More tolerant of heavy wet soils with better anchorage
  • Wavit – Semi Vigorous: A robust disease resistant, free standing and non suckering rootstock for plum, gage and damson, mirabelles and apricots proven to suit a wide range of soils and conditions
  • St. Julian ‘A’ – Semi Vigorous: This is fully compatible with all plums, damsons, gages, peaches, nectarines and apricots and many ornamental prunus species
  • Brompton - Vigorous:Idea for standards

Please allow up to five days for delivery. Pictures in this listing are library pictures that reflect the trees' main qualities and are for reference only

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