Pachycereus pringlei cactus house plant in a 21cm Pot 50cm tall

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pachycereus pringlei 21 50

Pachycereus pringlei is also known as the Mexican giant cactus and the elephant cactus - because these are the giants of the cacti world! In fact, the largest cactus ever recorded was a Pachycereus pringlei.

  • It is commonly known as cardón, a name derived from the Spanish word cardo, meaning "thistle".
  • Large stands of this cactus still exist in Mexico, but many have been destroyed as land has been cleared for cultivation.
  • The fruit of this cactus was an important food for the Seri people in Sonora, who call the cactus xaasj.
  • The flesh of this cactus contains alkaloids, and may have been used as a psychoactive plant in Mexico.
  • Cacti live in deserts and shrubland, therefore they need free-draining compost and low fertility.
  • Water sparingly.
  • This is a succulent plant that stores water in the stem. Therefore when you water, do it thoroughly but be sure to throw away any excess because this can lead to root-rot.
  • Likes a light and bright position in sunshine.
  • Large specimen in a 21cm pot.
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