Opuntia Consolea cactus house plant in 12cm pot Prickly Pear

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optuntia consolea 12

A flat-padded cactus house plant that is called Opuntia rubescens 'Consolea'. This species is part of the prickly pear family. 

  • Sometimes known as the 'road kill cactus' because of the large, flat, thin pads!
  • If situated in ideal conditions - warm and bright, this cactus should produce flowers.
  • Flowers are followed by red fruits.
  • Can tolerate temperatures down to -3C.
  • Copes well when treated as a houseplant.
  • The pads are covered with small spines.
  • Take care not to over-water.
  • Growing in a 12cm pot.
  • Please note: a certain amount of blemishes and scarring is normal for a cactus plant. The photo is a library photo and every plant will be different.
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