New Zealand Yam (Oca) Orange Roots x 4

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Oca tends to have a slightly tangy lemon taste. The flesh is firm but juicy and crisp when eaten raw or lightly cooked, and becoming more starchy if fully cooked. The tubers don't require peeling when eating Oca raw - just wash them clean, and they can be sliced to add a hint of a lemony zest to salads. peeling oca. Alternatively cook them in the same way as potatoes - boiled, baked, grilled or fried. They also make an excellent addition to winter soups and stews.

Start in pots in March for planting out in May. Harvest in late November.

Leaves are edible.

These are from quality bulbs from bulb growers Taylors (by appointment to HRH) and come prepacked with planting instructions.

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