Musa Dwarf Cavendish plant in a 17cm pot. Banana tree

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musa cavendish

Musa 'Dwarf Cavendish Red' is a banana plant. This evergreen perennial is not fully hardy here in the UK.However, it can survive outdoors if planted in a sheltered site and protected from the cold during the winter. Many people put these exotic plants in their gardens during summer and bring them indoors during winter.

  • It is likely to grow up to 3m tall.
  • The luscious, long leaves can reach 1.2m long.
  • Young plants have red/purple blotches on the leaves but soon lose them as they mature.
  • It develops drooping spikes of yellow flowers with purple bracts when grown in ideal conditions.
  • The flowers open sporadically through the year.
  • Can produce edible yellow fruit.
  • Does not require a pollinator.
  • These plants are herbaceous perennials and you can view them almost like a giant herb!
  • The trunk is not woody but is actually a tightly bound collection of leaves.
  • Ideally this plant requires warmth, humidity and bright light throughout the year.
60-70cm tall approximately
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