Musa basjoo plant in a 17cm pot. 120 cm tall Banana Palm

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musa basjoo 120

The hardiest banana palm available in the UK.

Musa basjoo is one of the hardier banana palms and can be left outside over winter. However if you want a tall plant, it is advisable to wrap in fleece to protect the stems from damage and from dying back.

  • Often kept as a house plant here in the UK, these plants are native to southern Japan and can actually grow at low temperatures. 
  • A fast-growing banana.
  • Likes a rich, fertile compost or soil. Feed generously.
  • Likes a well-watered compost.
  • Keep out of wind, where possible, or the leaves will shred.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight in order to avoid leaf scorch.
  • Wrap well during winter if kept outdoors.
  • If the plant's leaves are damaged during the winter, they can be cut right back and should re-sprout.
  • Sold in a 17cm pot.
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