Musa basjoo Banana Palm in a 15cm Pot. Hardiest of all Banana

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Musa basjoo is one of the hardier banana palm trees and it is possible to allow this plant to over winter outdoors. However, it will require some protection such as a horticultural fleece in order to lesson the likelihood that the stems will die back. Also known as Japanese banana, this plant actually originated from southern China.

  • In some countries such as Japan, the fibres of the plant are used to produce textiles.
  • This is a plant that loves to be fed and watered regularly.
  • It should produce a new leaf every week or so during the growing season.
  • Stop feeding over the winter and allow the plant to rest.
  • It enjoys high humidity and the foliage can be sprayed with water.
  • Eventual height: up to 8m.
  • Sold in a 15-17cm pot with a height of approx 65cm.
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