Money tree or jade plant. Crassula Money Maker. Succulent foliage house plant.

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crassula moneymaker 6

This easy-to-keep succulent house plant has many different attractions, not least the fact that fable suggests these plants will bring wealth to a family, particularly if you stroke the foliage. Crassula 'Moneymaker' is therefore very aptly named!

  • This house plant has succulent, fleshy leaves that look rather like coins.
  • It gradually develops thick, tree-like stalks which compliment the fresh green leaves beautifully.
  • These stems can be cleared of foliage in order to achieve an architectural 'tree-like' form.
  • Can also be trained as a bonsai as it can be easily shaped.
  • The new growth is soft and green.
  • Crassula likes to be kept in a bright, frost-free position and will be happy indoors.
  • It can also go in the garden during summer.
  • Growing in a 6cm pot.
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