Mandevilla splendens house plant vine. 45cm tall. White. Dipladenia

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mandevilla 45 white

Mandevilla is also known as Dipladenia and this evergeen vine is native to Brazil.  It can, however, be grown outdoors during a warm summer. Mandevilla splendens is an evergreen creeper which climbs by twining and can grow to 3 metres high in the wild.

  • It has wide green leaves of elliptical or rectangular shape which grow to 20 cm long.
  • This is kept as a house plant here in the UK as it is not fully hardy.
  • It produces trumpet-shaped WHITE flowers during summer.
  • Needs free-draining compost.
  • Likes a bright, light position.
  • Fertilise regularly during the growing season only.
  • Can go outdoors during the summer, but will need to be over-wintered indoors.
  • Sold in a 14cm pot, the plant has been skillfully trained up a trellis.
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