Lucky Bamboo Tower in 12cm Round Ceramic Pot in CREAM Colour. Indoor Bonsai for Feng Shui. 30cm[White]

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274154 12cm cream

This Lucky Bamboo tower is very easy to care for. Just ensure it has clean water, topped up regularly. These plant don't require pruning and are virtually trouble-free.

The plant measures approximately 30cm tall and the stems are arranged in an attractrive tower shape.

Lucky Bamboo is a popular Feng Shui 'cure' for the home.

The carefully positioning of the plant is said to promote good energy.

The number of stems is also said to be important.

  • 1 stem means truth or commitment.
  • 2 stems represent general good luck. 'Good things come in pairs'. It can also be symbolic of a strong relationship.
  • 3 stems are often associated with new things or a new beginning. Wishing a happy birthday, success at a new venture or a change in life is well within the meaning of three.
  • 5 Lucky Bamboo stems is associated with the Chinese five elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal, the number five represents balance or the peace between elements. This is said to bring good health.
  • 6 stems is a blessing as it reflects happiness, harmony and success in business.
  • 7 stems is a lucky number for relationships.
  • 8 stems represents good luck in prosperity or wealth. In Cantonese it also sounds like the word for joy.
  • 9 Lucky Bamboo stems is associated with harmony and unity, particularly within relationships.
Sold in an attractive plain ceramic pot that is 12cm in diameter.
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