Lucky Bamboo Squiggle x 3. 30cm tall. Great gift for good luck!

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Lucky bamboo could be viewed as the perfect present as it is said to promote good luck in a home. The philosophical view of Feng Shui suggests that placing plants and furniture in certain arrangements and positions in a home will promote good, beneficial energy.


These 3 lucky bamboo 'squiggles' can be placed in your own vase. They will continue to grow, albeit slowly.

Currently around 30cm tall.

The number of stalks is said to be significant, with various numbers representing different areas of luck.

Squiggly stems also carry their own form of special energy which is said to speed up around the spirals.

There are many forms of 'luck' associated with lucky bamboo but the stem numbers could be explained simply as follows:

  • 1 Lucky Bamboo stem is associated with things that are easy or simple. Truth, commitment, happiness.
  • 2 Stems of Lucky Bamboo represents relationships.
  • 3 Lucky Bamboo stems is often associated with new things or a new beginning. It could be a new life; a new venture or change of direction.
  • 4 Stems could promote academic achievements and creativity.
  • 5 Lucky Bamboos is connected to the Chinese five elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal. It represents balance and harmony. Peace and health.
  • 6 Lucky Bamboo stems count as a blessing, happiness and success in business.
  • 7 Stems emphasises luck in relationships; a common goal and success in life.
  • 8 Lucky Bamboo stems can be viewed as promoting luck in prosperity and wealth. Also general joy.
  • 9 Stems represents harmony and long-lasting relationships. A great gift for a wedding.


Each comes with its own water supply, so it stays healthy in transit.
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