Lucky Bamboo potted plant. GOLD STRIPE Braided stems 50cm tall Dracaena sanderiana

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dracaena sans 5 stem gold stripe

Lucky bamboo that has been rooted and potted. Dracaena sanderiana, trained to have a plaited, braided stem. this particular variety has a gold striped foliage.

  • They like damp compost, but take care not to allow it to remain soggy. 
  • There are five stems in total.
  • Total height is approximately 50cm.
  • Lucky Bamboo is a popular Feng Shui 'cure' for the home.
  • The carefully positioning of the plant is said to promote good energy.
  • The number of stems is also said to be important.
  • 5 Lucky Bamboo stems is associated with the Chinese five elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal, the number five represents balance or the peace between elements. This is said to bring good health.
  • Please note that the photo is a library picture and every plant will be slightly different.
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