Livistona rotundifolia palm tree. Fan palm. 40/50cm tall in a 14/15cm pot.

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livistona rotundifolia

The palm tree, Livistona rotundifolia is otherwise known as a fan palm or table palm. Here in the UK this is treated as an indoor evergreen palm tree. It has shallowly divided leaves which look like a fan.

    • It can be grown outdoors but will need shelter from the cold during winter.
    • Easy to care for as a house plant.
    • Likes full sun through to partial sun.
    • Water regularly, but never allow the plant to stand in water.
    • Likes high humidity.
    • Does not generally produce flowers when grown as a house plant.
    • Flowers can appear in bunches on more mature fan palms and these can turn into small fruits. 
    • The palm currently measures up to 50cm tall.
    • Growing in a 14cm pot.


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