Lily Anastasia Bulb x 2. Skyscraper Lily Tree Lily

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Simply amazing, our top-size lily bulbs produce huge stems with luxuriant foliage throughout summer, topped with masses of fragrant trumpet blooms.

  • Tree Lily 'Anastasia' bears impressive nodding pink and white flowers with speckled throats, and has a deliciously strong sweet fragrance.
  • Reaching 1.8m (6'), plants will gradually multiply, taking on a shrub-like appearance.
  • Plant tree lilies in large containers or the back of borders - they even make a colourful summer hedge!
  • Lily flowers are also superb for cutting for a vase indoors. Height: 1.8m (6'). Spread: 60cm (24"). 

These are from quality bulbs from bulb growers Taylors (by appointment to HRH) and come prepacked with planting instructions.

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