Lavender Melissa Lilac Plant 1 x 12cm pot

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Lavender 'Melissa lilac' 1x12cm
Lavandula angustifolia 'Melissa Lilac' is a beautiful variety of lavender that has wonderful, large, lilac-tinted flower spikes which are quite distinctive from other types of lavender. The fragrant flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies and they look perfect lining paths and planted in drifting mounds in the border. This is a perennial that also looks wonderful in a pot on the patio; within gravel gardens and it can also be clipped into mounded spheres. Just remember to trim it twice per year, taking care not to cut into old wood. Drought-tolerant once established, lavender is easy-to-care-for and will reward you with flowers all summer. It will reach a height of up to 45cm tall.
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