Lavender Grosso shrub Plant in a 12cm pot. English Lavender

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Lavender Grosso

This French hybrid lavender, Lavandula x intermedia  'Grosso', produces masses of long, slender stems that are topped with clusters of vivid violet flowers between July and August, above mounds of grey-green leaves. It can be used as an informal hedge, especially along a path, where its aromatic fragrance can best be appreciated. This vigorous variety of lavender works well in a Mediterranean garden, or clipped into a formal sphere for a contemporary look. The highly scented flower-spikes are also a magnet for bees and other nectar-loving insects.

Trim twice per year to keep it in the shape of your choice.

It is a drought-tolerant hardy perennial once established and a great traditional English cottage garden perennial which should keep delighting you with flowers and attractive foliage year after year.

Grows to a  height of up to 80cms.

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