Large rubber plant Ficus elastica Robusta in 27cm pot. Up to 70-80cm tall

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35083 27cm

Ficus elastica 'Robusta' is a robust form of rubber plant, as its name suggests! It is very easy to look after and has large, glossy dark green leaves. The house plant, which is also known as the Indian rubber bush, comes from the fig family. But this ornamental hybrid has broader, stiffer and more upright foliage than the natural wild form.

  • Ficus elastica 'Robusta' is very easy to look after.
  • It will be happy in a shady room or in medium light levels.
  • Just polish the leaves by wiping with a damp cloth occasionally and water when the compost feels dry.
  • Sold in a 27cm pot with a height of up to 80cm.
  • Please note: The measure in the photo has been provided as a guide only. These plants are living and therefore will grow! The plant you receive might be a slightly different size to the one you see in the photograph.

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