Hoya retusa wax flower house plant in 12cm pot

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hoya retusa

Hoya retusa is an unusual house plant with narrow, succulent foliage with a delicate appearance. This wax flower tends to produce individual flowers rather than the normal cluster that one might expect from a Hoya.

  • Treat as a hanging plant - this looks good in a hanging pot or cascading from a shelf or windowsill.
  • The waxy, deep green leaves can eventually trail for up to 100cm.
  • Will eventually form scented flowers, provided it is kept in ideal conditions.
  • Native to India.
  • Likes medium light levels - avoid full sun.
  • Water regularly but never allow the plant to sit in soggy compost.
  • Likes warm, consistent temperatures and can't withstand very cold rooms.
  • Hoya plants were originally named after Thomas Hoym who was gardener to the Duke of Northumberland. 
  • This plant is growing in a 12cm pot.
  • Please be aware that every plant is different and you won't receive the exact plant pictured in the photo.
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