Hoya lanceolata Bella House Plant in a 12cm Hanging Pot

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hoya bella 12

Beautiful, compact wax flower which will bear scented flowers during the appropriate season

The compact Hoya lanceolata 'Bella' is a pretty waxflower which is a miniature version of this popular house plant. A hanging and trailing plant which likes high humidity.

  • It will be happy indoors provided you can give it an occasional misting with water.
  • Water the plant regularly.
  • Hoya 'Bella' can produce star-shaped white wax-like flowers which have a rose pink coloured centre.
  • The clusters of flowers emit a sweet, strong fragrance.
  • The lance-shaped leaves will gently cascade over the sides of the pot.
  • Sold in a 12cm hanging pot. The hangers can be easily unclipped if they are not required
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