Hoya gracalis plant in a 12cm pot. Rarely offered

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hoya gracalis 12

Hoya is also known as a wax flower or wax plant. It has waxy, deep green leaves and has highly fragrant flowers during the flowering season. It is also called the 'Hundu rope plant'.

  • The plant should produce flowers once it is over two years old.
  • This Hoya has has sweeetly scented flowers which resemble wax. The fragrance is enchanting.
  • The flowers have pink corolla with red and yellow centres and tips. Each ball-shaped flower measures about 5mm and they are grouped together to form an umbel. 
  • The foliage is variegated.
  • Can be trained to climb, or allowed to hang as a trailing plant.
  • Very easy to care for.
  • Water regularly, but do not allow to stand in water.
  • Hoya plants were originally named after Thomas Hoym who was gardener to the Duke of Northumberland. He was the first to raise the popularity of this lovely house plant.
  • This plant can be grown on a support or it can trail. It will need to be tied to its support as it doesn't self-support.
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