Hoya australis Lisa house plant in a 12cm Pot

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hoya lisa 12

This delightful house plant, Hoya australis, is also known as the wax flower. It has glossy evergreen leaves which, as the name suggests, look as if they are made of wax.

Hoya Lisa has strongly variegated leaves.
  • These plants are loved for their highly fragrant flowers which appear during summer, given ideal conditions. The flowers are white with some red deep inside the petals. The individual flowers are cup-shaped and there will be anything betweeen 10 and 40 tiny flowers in each umbel.
  • The Hoya australis flowers last about one week and have the most incredible fragrance. This is strong and spicy and it perfumes the home.
  • Water regularly but never allow the plant to sit in water.
  • By nature, Hoya are climbing, twining vines.
  • Sold in a 12cm pot
  • Please note: these are living plants and the size can vary.
  • The photograph is a representation of the plant rather than the actual plant that you will receive.
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