Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Adonicus SALMON Exotic House Plant in a 13cm Pot

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hibiscus adonicus salmon.1

This is a beautiful, non-hardy Hibiscus that can produce spectacular, trumpet-shaped flowers in ideal conditions.

  • An evergreen house plant that has glossy, dark green leaves.
  • It needs several hours of direct sunlight every day in order to bloom.
  • Ideal for a conservatory.
  • Water regularly.
  • Never allow the plant to sit in water, however, as this can lead to root rot.
  • The trumpet-shaped flowers will each last up to three days but the plant can provide a succession of blooms that lasts for months.
  • Likes high humidity and constantly warm temperatures.
  • Susceptible to aphids, keep the plant clean by wiping the foliage regularly.
  • One plant growing in a 13cm pot.

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