'Herefordshire Russet' Apple Tree in a 12 Litre Pot (Half-Standard)

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The russet with a Cox flavour. Exceptional eating quality with a rich aromatic flavour. A winner in ‘taste testings’ around the country. Picking in early October with storage until late January. The tree is well spurred, well shaped and moderately vigorous. The fruit set is heavy with small to medium sized fruit. Please note orders are dispatched on a Wednesday and will be delivered on Thursday/Friday. Please note library pictures are used. Tree will be on average 150-180cm M.27 - Very Dwarf. Produces the tru mini tree, varieties reaching no more than 2M with little support required, excellent for the small garden. M.9 - Dwarf. Very productive but needs permanent staking for support. Ideal for cordons. M.26 - Semi Dwarf. Requires support on most sites. Good for bush and cordon in limited spaces. M.116 - Medium. 10% less vigorous than MM.106, phytophora and woolly aphid resistant. MM.106 - Semi Vigorous. General Purpose for most types of cordon and half standard, staking only required on sites which are exposed. MM.111 - Vigorous. As for MM.106 but more ideal for half standards, no staking required and excellent collar rot and general disease resistance. M.25 - Very Vigorous. Ideal for half and full standard.
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