Heptacodium miconiodes shrub or small tree in 7 litre pot

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Heptacodium miconiodes is a rather attractive, deciduous Chinese shrub of fairly recent introduction. It is also known as the Seven Sons plant. 

  • Forms into a rounded large shrub with a vase-shape to the crown.
  • Has narrow, dark green, glossy leaves in spring and summer.
  • Also produces clusters of scented, creamy-white flowers in late summer .
  • After the leaves have fallen in autumn, the small tree has red calyxes which often remain colourful. These change to a deep burgundy as the season progresses.
  • The bark is another attractive feature as the outer bark peels to reveal a darker underneath.
  • This is a shrub with year-round appeal.
  • It is both drought and shade tolerant, after establishing.
  • Has the RHS Award of Garden Merit.
  • Will eventually grow to a height of up to 4.5 metres, with a spread up to 3 metres.
  • Pictures in this listing are library pictures that reflect the trees' main qualities and are for reference only.


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