Heliconia psittacorum Curacao Exotic House Plant in a 17cm Pot

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heliconia curacao orange

Heliconia psittacorum 'Curacao' is also known as the lobster claw flower; the parrot's beak; parakeet flower; parrot's flower; and even the false bird-of-paradise. It's easy to see why, because when this house plant is in flower, the orange blooms look very much like all these things!

  • Native to the Caribbean and South America. It naturally inhabits rainforest environments.
  • The elongated leaves can eventually reach up to 80cm long and they are dark green and leathery.
  • Between the dark green springy leaves, the striking, orange, round buds grow into special flowers.
  • Leaves have good air purifying properties.
  • In its natural surroundings, the Heliconia can reach a height of 5 metres.
  • Likes bright light but only dappled sunshine.
  • Likes high humidity.
  • Water regularly but do not allow the plant to sit in water.
  • The upright flowers have orange bracts that are often red at the top.
  • Can also produce fruits.
  • Growing in a 17cm pot.
  • Please note: flowers will not always be present when you purchase this plant.


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