Heliconia Hawaii Plant in a 17cm Pot. Very Rare

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heliconia hawai

Looking for an unusual houseplant that the neighbours are unlikely to have? Consider Heliconia 'Hawaii'!

  • These plants are rarely available and they are exotic, upright beauties with long, slender evergreen leaves.
  • Aptly named, they have wonderful clusters of orange-red bracts which appear throughout summer. Hence, the name as these look rather like flames!
  • This is a houseplant in the UK, although it can be grown in a container and positioned outdoors in a sheltered spot in the summer, then moved into a frost-free conservatory or a room indoors in winter.
  • The Heliconia is popularly known as Lobster-Claw, also Wild Plantain or false Bird of Paradise.
  • It is native to the tropical Americas and the Pacific Ocean islands west to Indonesia. 
  • As this plant is essentially a rain forest dweller, keep out of direct sunlight and keep well watered.
  • Do not allow it to stand in water, however.
  • Large plant approximately 65cm in height



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