Green Roof seed mix 4 grams. For Direct Sowing. Sedums, Alpines and Herbs

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green roof MX400 4g

Mixture of nice Herbs and Sedum species for green roof gardens. Antennaria dioica, Armeria maritima, Campanula rotundifolia, Cymbalaria muralis, Dianthus arenarius, carthusianorum, deltoides, Gypsophila repens, Hieracium pilosella, Petrorrhagia saxifraga, Saponaria oxymoides, Saxifraga granulata and encrusted types, Sedum acre, album, ellacombianum, hispanicum, hybridum, pulchellum, reflexum, sexangulare, spurium, telephium, Thymus pulegoides, serphyllum and other species.

  • Direct sowing.
  • These are very tiny seeds which should be mixed with finest sand or talcum for an even sowing.
  • Do not cover with compost, only press them in gently.
  • Irrigate from the bottom or with a hand-sprayer, so that the seeds will not be washed away.
  • You will need 3 - 5 grams to cover 1 meter square.

If you require larger quantities, please contact us on 01323 833479.

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