Gardenia jasminoides shrub plant in a 9cm pot. Heavenly scented white flowers

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Gardenia jasminoides is renowned for producing white flowers that have a rather heavenly, heady scent. These are treated as house plants here in the UK.

  • Prefer compost that is acidic.
  • Can go out in the garden during summer, but should be brought into a warmer environment when the temperatures drop.
  • Prone to aphids indoors, so keep washing the foliage if any sticky deposits occur.
  • Keep out of direct sunshine as this might scorch the foliage.
  • Try not to place in a position where temperatures fluctuate as this can affect flower bud formation.
  • Likes high humidity. Stand the pot on a tray of damp gravel andmist the foliage with water regularly.
  • Water regularly but don't allow the plant to sit in water.
  • Requires high nutrient levels in spring and summer. Then feed with a balanced fertiliser during winter.
  • Can be pruned once flowering has finished.
  • Growing in a  a 9cm pot. 
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