Ficus ginseng S shape bonsai house plant 90cm tall approximately

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ficus ginseng s 90

Ficus ginseng, also known as Ficus microcarpa, is a highly attractive house plant here in the UK. The tern 'ginseng' is Chinese for 'root'. This particular plant has been trained in a bonsai style and this has been trained into an 'S' shape.

  • The resulting architectural feature will look great in both home and office.
  • This Ficus is known for its twisted, thick stem.
  • The leaves are glossy and compact.
  • When changing environments, Ficus can often suffer from leaf-drop. However this should correct itself in time.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, but provide some natural light.
  • Water regularly but do not allow this Ficus to stand in water. It also appreciates a regular leaf-spray of fine water.
  • The trunk is very gnarly and makes a fabulous focal point for any room.
  • Currently approximately 90cm tall.
  • Sold in a 29cm pot.
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